MMJ Card

Needing your Medical Marijuana Card?

While most clients will find their conditions improved using hemp-based CBD products, some may need THC-based components for their medicine and products containing THC can only be purchased through a dispensary. In states that are “medical marijuana” approved, that means applying for a medical marijuana card, or “mmj card.” But where does one even start to begin the process?

Look no further! As a licensed partner with Holistic Caring-The Green Nurse, AskMaryJane, LLC is able to offer you services from board certified MDs in your state that will assist you in applying for your medical marijuana card.

Again- In states that allow medical marijuana use, you must have a medical marijuana card to even enter a dispensary. There is no “window shopping” allowed non-mmj card-carrying clients.

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to a safe and secure site for scheduling your online meeting with a doctor. It is just that easy.