Why do I need a Coach?

Why? Because it works!

Congratulations on your willingness to give CBD and other cannabinoid medicines a try, but do you know where to start? A trained holistic wellnesss nurse is a valuable asset ready to assist, educate, and support your personal journey to towards improved well-being.

Scheduling an appointment will take much of the guesswork out of your treatment, saving you not only time but money. As you may or may not realize, dispensary products are not cheap! However, you must also know what to look for when considering products like CBD tinctures- what you don’t know could harm you, or at the very least, waste your money and you altogether give up on cannabinoids before you find relief.

AskMaryJane, LLC has received training and certification from Healer, the medical cannabis training program of Dr. Justin Sulak, MD. Dr. Sulak is a pioneer in cannabis treatments and reference material.

AskMaryJane, LLC is also certified by Holistic Caring, the premier cannabis nurse training organization. Merged with The Green Nurse, Holistic Caring/The Green Nurse have treated thousands of patients just like you. Access to their knowledge base is an integral part of our services.

In addition, AskMaryJane, LLC is also certified by Trichome Institute, a leader in commercial cannabis training programs, successfully completing their Cannabis for All, Cannabis Consultant Training, Extraction and Concentrates Fundamentals, and Professional Interpening courses.

Professional memberships held by AskMaryJane, LLC include the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Cannabis Nurse Network, Society of Cannabis Clinicians and American Nurses Association.

You have made the bold move to explore cannabis as medicine. Take the next step- schedule a free 15 minute consult and take control of your health today!